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With over 60 years’ experience in the telecoms industry our highly trained engineers have the knowledge and skills to work hand in hand with your business to cover your requirements wherever you are in the UK. Please fill out our contact form; a team member will be eager to assist you with your enquiry.

    Support & Maintenance Services – Red Rock Communications

    At Red Rock we believe we are the best in the business and one of the main reasons is our customer service and commitment to providing an excellent experience to all our clients.

    Red Rock are certainly in the minority, as unlike a lot of telecommunications support providers we do not charge for the majority of changes. Anything under 30 minutes will ALWAYS be carried out free of charge as part of your support package, no hidden extras or charges. We believe that by making our support packages transparent that it gives you and your business the complete peace of mind that you can use our services AND test our customer experience without the risk of unexpected invoices.

    Every business needs reliable communications to serve its customers better. Our services cover everything from hosted telephony to network cabling and all have the same goal.... to improve your communications. If you'd like to enjoy additional flexibility, reliability, and affordability, get in touch with the Red Rock Communications team and enquiry about our support and maintenance services.

    What are Support & Maintenance Services?

    Our business-grade support and maintenance services are just that, support designed and maintained with your business in mind.

    Your telecommunications are critical components of your business. By ensuring you have the right support and maintenance for your organisation we can give you the peace of mind of knowing that you will always have the best customer service available to your business helping you keep ahead of your competitors by minimising downtime and ensuring that day-to-day changes are carried out when you need them.

    As our Support Services are designed with businesses in mind, we only offer them to the commercial sector which means better quality and assurance for you and your business.

    Ranging from standard support offering 9 to 5 cover through to bespoke support packages tailored to your particular business needs we can help and advise you on what will work best for you, no matter the business you are in.

    In the unlikely event you have any downtime or business critical issues with your telecommunications system you can rest assured knowing that you are in safe hands and will be back-on quickly with our expert remote assistance. Should that not be good enough, as part of your support package we also provide on-site hardware replacement within 4 hours of the fault being diagnosed and while your equipment is being replaced, we can forward your calls to another number(s) of your choice. This can provide you with a robust solution to ensure your customers can always contact you with the absolute minimum of inconvenience and disruption.

    Support & Maintenance Services for Small Business

    If you run a SME then you are fully aware of how important, above all else, it is to have reliable communications. Without quality support services that you can rely on an SME is simply playing the lottery and hoping that issues that could cause significant disruption do not occur. As an SME ourselves, we fully understand the importance of reliable communications which is why we only work with business and fully understand the importance of having a dedicated support service for communications.

    Working alongside our partners such as Avaya, Xima, Tim, and Gamma Networks, we can offer you a range of support services packages to suit your needs from standard 9 -5 support to a bespoke support covering your own business requirements.

    Don’t be fooled into believing that all support is the same and base your decision on price alone. Don’t wait until the worst happen to realise the value of having a company that actually understands and respects how important it is that any problems you may be facing are being taken seriously and resolved in a timely manner. By using Red Rock Communications to provide your communication support, then you are ensuring that on those occasions when the worst does happen you have the support and knowledge of team that you will be back up and running with less downtime, minimal impact on revenue, and the peace of mind of knowing that you are dealing with a company who understands the importance of reliable communications.


    How Much Do Support & Maintenance Services Cost?

    We offer multiple tiers of Support Services starting from the equivalent low amount of £595 per annum for a business with under 10 employees. As our support tiers are designed to be flexible and change as your business grows we only have a minimum term of 30 days. This means as your business changes we can be pro-active in making the changes you need on a monthly basis rather than the inflexible nature of a yearly fixed contract.


    Support From £49.95 Per Month

    Our entry level support package is targeted towards SME’s that operate mainly during normal business hours and do not need the added benefit of having out of hours or weekend support. With a 4-hour SLA and all changes under 30 minutes free of charge it represents fantastic value. This package comes with comes basic support between the hours 9-5 pm. Support is provided via phone, email, support ticket, and coming soon webchat.

    UsersPer Seat Per Month
    Up to 10Min of £49.95


    Support From £64.95 Per Month

    Our VIP support package is targeted towards SME’s that operate during normal business hours but need the additional benefits of having a 2-hour SLA and priority service. If your business relies heavily on its telecommunications and needs the faster response and ability for any fault to be prioritised then the VIP package is for you.

    This package comes with all the benefits of standard package but includes the additions of priority support so that your support query will start to be dealt with immediately and a 2-hour SLA.
    UsersPer Seat Per Month
    Up to 10Min of £64.95

    VIP Plus

    Support From £99.95 Per Month

    Our VIP Plus support package is our premium support service. With all the benefits of the Standard and VIP packages but including out of hours and weekend support. With the VIP package you have the reassurance of not just longer weekday support but also weekend support. Meaning you can relax with the total peace of mind that no matter the issue or when it occurs, you will always be covered.

    If your business needs support outside of the hours above then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements separately. This package comes with all the benefits of VIP package but includes the added value of longer weekday and weekend support. Ultimately, this means quicker responses, 7 day cover, and less stress.
    UsersPer Seat Per Month
    Up to 10Min of £99.95

    Additional Hours

    Support From £50.00

    Where a fault or issue occur outside of the contracted hours then we still offer compressive support based on an hourly charge. Depending on your requirements, how complex the fault, and whether or not a site visit is needed, we can tailor our response accordingly and only charge for the time needed to rectify the issue rather than a full day’s engineering time.

    Additional Support Weekdays

    Monday to Friday between 09.00 to 17.00

    Junior Rate£50 per hour
    Senior Rate£95 per hour
    Call Out Charge (Includes 1st hour)£150

    Additional Support Weekend

    Weekday Evenings and Weekends

    Junior Rate£75 per hour
    Senior Rate£125 per hour
    Call Out Charge (Includes 1st hour)£250

    Support & Maintenance Services FAQs

    We understand that the different telephony options available can be very confusing for many businesses and IT Managers. So, to help you make an informed decision here's a quick list of frequently asked questions regarding our Support Services. However, if your question isn't listed below, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team.

    What happens if my business increases/decreases in size?

    Because we charge per user on a per month basis you have the flexibility to scale your package accordingly. We require just 30 days’ notice of changes and your following monthly invoice will reflect any changes. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.

    What does SLA mean?

    SLA stands for Service Level Agreement and in plain English means the time we have to diagnose your fault.
    Depending on your package our SLAs are either 2 or 4 hours. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.

    What changes are covered free of charge?

    ANY changes taking less than 30 minutes are free of charge. Examples would be name changes, extensions changes, hunt group changes, and setting up new users. We would make an additional charge for work such as re-building an auto-attendant or voicemail server.

    Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.

    What does priority support mean?

    If you are on one of our VIP packages then any fault you log with us will automatically be prioritised and a fix put in place within 2 hours of the issue being diagnosed.

    Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.

    Support & Maintenance Services Specialists: Red Rock Communications

    We work with businesses and institutions to ensure that they receive a reliable, cost-effective communication solution that maximises the company’s productivity. Transparency is at the forefront of our operations; our staff are honest and upfront with no hidden costs or unnecessary jargon.

    Red Rock Communications has experience working with a diverse range of different clients from a wide range of industries. This includes charities and non-profit organisations. For example, we provided Hosted services and solutions to Brook, wellbeing and sexual health clinic for young people.

    Our telephony hosting service provided Brook with the ability to twin calls to mobiles to cover staff working from home whilst still being able to run a service. We provided them with guidance regarding telephony and other communication infrastructure solutions that would be suitable to their needs.

    If you’re interested in learning more about our Horizon hosted telephony services we have provided to companies in the past, we highly recommend viewing our Case Studies page or giving our team a call. We'll be happy to discuss how our expertise can be of use to your business.

    Why Should You Choose Red Rock Communications for Support & Maintenance Services?

    Communication and telephony are critical for any business, so it's of the utmost importance that you choose the right hosted telephony business to assist you. So, what makes Red Rock Communications the ideal choice? Why should you choose us over the other hosted telephony companies competing with us?

    We firmly believe that our people are our best assets. We place a strong focus on customer service and adaptivity. Some of our team members have over 40 years of experience working in the telecommunications industry! With such a wealth of experience, you can rest assured that you’ll receive nothing but the highest levels of quality.

    Fundamental to Red Rock principles is a level of support we feel is unparalleled within the telecoms industry. All our engineers are manufacturer certified but, more importantly, are knowledgeable in a wide range of technologies. Be it network infrastructure, telecoms or just having a friendly chat over a coffee. We pride ourselves on putting our clients' interests first and are always happy to go above and beyond.

    However, don't just take our word for it. Here's what Adam Taylor from Juice Energy has to say about our services; he has been our customer for many years!

    “Always helpful, knowledgeable and there when you need”

    Support & Maintenance Services from Red Rock Communications; Make an Enquiry Today

    Flexible packages available on a range of contract lengths, Support and Maintenance Services from Red Rock Communications are a fantastic solution to ensure your business has great support and reliable communications throughout your business.

    If your current support provider is letting you down on a regular basis and the costs don’t justify the experience, please don't hesitate to reach out to Red Rock Communications; our talented and passionate team will be happy to help.

    You can contact us by calling 0800 307 0170, or by sending an email to Sales@RedRockCommunications.co.uk; a representative will be eager to assist you with your enquiry.