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Maintaining a good cabling infrastructure is crucial for network performance. If your cabling infrastructure is poor, your network quality will suffer. We can guarantee an optimal and seamless experience with our cabling infrastructure solution. We also promise to help you maintain a healthy network infrastructure by providing continued support and troubleshooting. All our work comes with a lifetime guarantee, please take a look at our cabling guarantee.

Dedicated UK support

Our engineers have years of experience working in telecoms in the UK. So, if you have any problems, you can speak to a member of our UK-based customer support team, and we’ll resolve whatever the issue may be.

Our people are amazing

Our people are honest and approachable and are always ready to help. We’ll always explain any technical jargon so that there’s no surprises or hidden costs. In such a competitive industry, such qualities are hard to come by.

  • Bronze
  •  Support Hours 9-5pm
  •  Response Time 4hrs
  •  FREE Replacement Hardware (not inc. phones)
  •  Email Support Only
  • x
  • x
  • x
  • x
  • £12.00
    Per User

  • Silver
  •  Support Hours 9-5pm
  • Response Time 3hrs
  • Training for 1 key person*
  • 1 Full Day Site Visits Per Annum
  •  FREE Replacement Hardware incl. Installation (not including Phones)
  • Email & Telephone Support
  • x
  • *Phone Training Only not incl. XIMA/TIM
  • £17.50
    Per User

  • Gold
  •  Support Hours 8-8pm
  • Response Time 2hrs
  • Training for upto 10 people*
  • All Adds, Moves & Changes Under 60 Mins
  •  2 Full Day Site Visits Per Annum
  •  FREE Replacement Hardware incl. Installation (not including Phones)
  •  Single Point of Contact
  • *Phone Training & XIMA/TIM Training
  • £21.50
    Per User

  • Platinum
    Never Miss a Call
  •  24/7
  • Response Time 1hr
  • Training for All Users*
  • All Adds, Moves & Changes FREE
  •  Quarterly Site Visits
  •  FREE Replacement Hardware including Installation (including Phones)
  •  Single Point of Contact
  • *All training required free of charge *
  • £45.00
    Per User

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