Internet Services

Giving your business a reliable, high-performance and cost-effective connection while also ensuring you are always connected in today’s digital world. Guaranteed.

At Red Rock Communications we partner with a number of industry leading ISPs to ensure we can offer the best service possible. Our primary partner, Gamma Communications, is a business-grade ISP offering premium services to UK businesses. The next generation Gamma network is industry leading and offers SLA levels which will provide your business the assurances it needs in this Internet enabled age.

We also partner with a number specialist ISPs who are currently rolling out their own fibre backbone across the UK providing business grade service at a fraction of the cost of traditional Ethernet circuits. Speak to one of the team and see if your area is fibre ready and we’ll have you connected with the best solution for your business.


for the hard-to-reach areas which have yet to be upgraded to the latest technologies. Providing up to 24mbps of downstream

FTTC (SoGea)

up to 80mbps downstream and 40mbps upstream. SoGea is the latest offering and provides a traditional analogue circuit but without dial tone, making installation quicker and prices cheaper. If you need a phone line adding we can provide a SIP based Phoneline + option from Gamma.


As the U back bone is updated more premises can benefit from the latest Fibre to the Premises technology. This offers lightning-fast speeds at a fraction of the cost of traditional circuits. With speeds up to 1.2gbps you can be assured we have a package to suite your business requirements.

Ethernet and converged solution

Need guaranteed speeds ranging from 10mbps up to 1gbps and beyond. Red Rock can offer a bespoke Ethernet solution with one of our partners. We can also provide resilient solutions providing zero interruptions in service if the primary circuit is damaged in anyway. We use multiple carriers to do this using a range of different technologies.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? See our Internet FAQ
1What speeds will I get?
Speak to a member of the team, and they’ll be able to provide you with an accurate speed estimation over the phone. Any speed we quote we guarantee to meet, we’re that confident we’ll give you the first 6 months free if the speeds aren’t as promised within the first month.
2What firewall will I get?
At Red Rock, we supply business-class routers that are selected based upon the connection provided in consultation with the client; the idea of shipping out a generic router to every client simply doesn’t work. Speak to one of the team, and they’ll go through the options, be it a simple Draytek firewall or an all-singing Cisco Meraki; we’ve got you covered.
3Why choose Red Rock for my internet?
Backed up by industry-leading ISPs, Red Rock offers you the support services you wish you always had from a UK based support team who cares about your business. Any enquiries will be dealt with there and then rather than being another number in the call queue.
4Ready to get connected?
Fill out this form, and we'll be in touch to see how we can help. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0161 470 6212.

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