Red Rock are experts in installing, testing and maintaining structured cabling networks, we regularly work with the following types of cable:

Structured Cabling

Cat 5E – While Cat 5E has been around for over 20 years and is arguably still used by a large percentage of organisations, it is now being phased out in favour of faster and more future-proofed cabling. Cat 5E still has its uses and can be a low-cost solution for a basic cabling network, but its limitations are more apparent as times move on. Cat 5E can support up to 1Gbps over 90m at 100 Mhz. Think of it as a dual carriageway with limited capacity.

Cat 6 – is now the default option for many organisations and the standards now reflect this in making Cat 6 the de-facto option for any new office or commercial buildings in the UK. Cat 6 is the sweet spot in terms of cost-effectiveness and performance. It offers much better performance for a modest increase in price over Cat 5E. Cat 6 can support 10 Gbps up to 55 metres and 1 Gbps up to 90 metres at 250 Mhz. Think of it as a 4-lane motorway offering faster speeds and much more capacity.

Cabling Audits

If you have reached a point where your structured cabling is unusable due to missing labels, poorly installed patch panels or bad terminations, then we can carry out an audit to find and rectify all problems leaving you with cabling that is correctly labelled, tested and easy to use.

Fault Finding

We have at our disposal several types of testers and toning equipment to enable us to find and fix any faulty network cabling you may have.


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