Wireless Networks

Red Rock are experts in installing and maintaining both internal and external wireless systems; we regularly work and configure the following wireless system:

Point to point

Where you require connectivity between multiple locations, such as head office and remote warehouses, Red Rock can offer point-to-point or point-to-multipoint wireless at speeds of up to 10 Gbps at distances of up to 10km.

We have a proven track record of installing external wireless systems from manufacturers such as Siklu, Ubiquiti, Infinite and Cambian.

Whatever your requirements and budget, we can find a cost-effective way for your business to link remote sites and avoid the ongoing costs of leased lines and rental charges.


From carrying out internal wireless surveys to installing bespoke wireless systems, Red Rock can advise you every step of the way.
From simple all-access wireless points to complex systems which broadcast multiple SSID`s to simultaneously provide one wireless network to your customers whilst your workforce connects to another, all using the same access point, we have you covered.

Our preferred wireless manufacturer is Ruckus Wireless. We have been installing Ruckus at Red Rock from day one.
Ruckus has a proven track record of rock-solid stability, class-leading performance and a rich feature set. We also cover your Ruckus equipment on a 3-year next day replacement warranty service.

Other manufacturers we use regularly include Ubiquiti and Cisco Meraki.


Business WiFi Features

Here are some of the features that come with our Business WiFi service.

Why use Red Rock for our wireless?

Many companies take a ‘buy it off the shelf’ approach and then become frustrated with the poor performance and reliability. At Red Rock, we do things differently.
We only work with the best-in-class wireless manufacturers to ensure we can provide enterprise-grade performance and reliability. Your WIFI backbone is crucial to the success of your business so ensuring you get things right the first time is vital to your success. We can also install all the infrastructure to ensure performance is truly maximised.

At Red Rock, we will work with you to establish your requirements and then implement them as agreed. We guarantee we’ll deliver on what we promise because we put in the work before implantation; this includes a full site survey with advanced analytics.

We also provide ongoing support to ensure your WIFI solution is updated with vital security updates and performance improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? See our Wireless FAQ
1How can I keep wireless access points secure?
At Red Rocks Communications, we always secure the wireless access points of our clients. Firstly, through education, and we also monitor the access points regularly, so there are no data breaches.
2Need a reliable wireless solution?
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